Carol MA

Carol Ma is known among academics and community work practitioners as an active and passionate promoter of Service-Learning and ageing in Asia. Carol is the founding memberĀ of the Service-Learning at Lingnan University and has revitalized the Service-Learning Asia Network. As a pioneer of Service-Learning in Hong Kong, she has done researches, community outreach and even fund raising. She believes Service-Learning can contribute a win-win situation to all stakeholders including teachers, students, community and the regions of Asia. She decided to work in Singapore as she wants to understand more about multi-perspectives of Service-Learning and experience how Service-Learning means to the region. She is currently Head of the Master and PhD Programmes in Gerontology and the Graduate Certificate of Service-Learning at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). With strong Serice-Learning background, Carol is appointed as the Senior Fellow for Center for Experiential Learning to advise the development of Service-Learning and setup of the National Service-Learning Clearing House in Singapore. In addition, she also serves as senior consultant conducts various community-based researches and trainings for students, teachers and community partners from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Indonesia, etc. As an energetic and a committed scholar, Carol is also on the board of the Advisors for the International Center for Service-Learning in Teachers Education and serves as the section co-editor of the International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. She has published books and articles on Service-Learning and aging in referee journals and policy papers for global agencies including UN ESCAP and US higher education institutes.