PechaKucha Presentations S5.3

S5.3.1Research Methods in Teacher Education: Meaningful engagement through service-learning. Dominik E Froehlich (University of Vienna), Ulrich Hobusch (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Karoline Möslinger (University of Vienna)

S5.3.2The Barcamp for Diversity as an approach for interdisciplinary and diversity-oriented Service Learning. Friederike Compernaß (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Jörg Miller (Universität Duisburg-Essen)

S5.3.3Specific Service Learning Adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemia: Promoting Healthy Life-Styles in Children at Risk of Social Exclusion Establishing Alliances Between Different Social Entities. Marisa Guillén (University of València), Marisa Ferrandiz (University of Valencia), Marc Pascual (University of Valencia)

S5.3.4Learning for societal impact: S-L as part of an integrated approach towards educational support for lecturers and study programmes. Leen Van Gijsel (UGent)

S5.3.5Learning, Doing, Educate. Service learning for the inclusive educator training. Alice Di Leva (University of Turin), Diego Di Masi (University of Turin)

S5.3.6Online Service Learning Community Engagement: Building Student Leadership Skills. Lorraine Tansey (NUI Galway)

S5.3.7University-community partnerships for climate and sustainable development – Service Learning in the framework of African based CO2 compensation projects. Lilly Seidler (TU-Berlin), Leonel Dr. Nanga-Me-Abengmoni (Higher Teacher Training College Yaoundé (HTTC Yaoundé)), Allé Dr. Dioum (University Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar)

S5.3.8Ethics in Pandemic: the analysis of a protocol for the implementation of A+S. José Ignacio Sepúlveda (Universidad Católica), Rocío Fontana (Universidad Católica), Natalia Pérez-Luco (Universidad Católica)

S5.3.9University-Community Engagement Through Research-Based Design and Spatial Planning Education. Towards a Conceptual (and Practical) Framework for Conditions and Tensions. Reinout Kleinhans (Delft University of Technology)