Parallel Session S2.2

S2.2.1The Potential of Students’ Digital Civic Engagement: Results from Empirical Case Studies in Europe. Sabine Freudhofmayer (University of Vienna), Katharina Resch (University of Vienna)

S2.2.2Virtual Service-Learning – Analysis of European Experiences from Higher Education Institutions. Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová (Matej Bel University), Irene Culcasi (University LUMSA), Maria Cinque (University LUMSA)

S2.2.3Setting up a virtual museum of SL. Can it help to promote civic culture and support SL institutionalization?. Irene Barbieri (Università di Bologna), Arianna de Simone (UNIBO), Luca Lenzi (Università di Bologna), Roberto Villani (Università di Bologna), Cinzia Albanesi (Università di Bologna)

S2.2.4Online Service-Learning in Physical Therapy: exploring the student´s experience. Raquel Lafuente (Universidad San Jorge), Almudena Buesa-Estellez (Universidad San Jorge), Patricia Jovellar-Isiegas (Universidad San Jorge), Rocío Fortún-Rabadán (Universidad San Jorge), Marina Francín-Gallego (Universidad San Jorge), Sara Perez-Palomares (Universidad San Jorge), Natalia Brandín-De La Cruz (Universidad San Jorge), María Pilar Lopez-Royo (Universidad San Jorge), Sandra Calvo-Carrión (Universidad San Jorge), Carolina Jiménez-Sánchez (Universidad San Jorge)