Parallel Session S3.1

S3.1.1 – The Case For and Against Institutionalizing Service Learning. Robert Bringle (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), Patti Clayton (PHC Ventures)

S3.1.2 – Campus Community Partnerships (CCP) in Higher Education – Outline of an Empirical Research Project on the Emergence and Institutionalization of Campus-Community Partnerships at HEI in Germany. Switzerland and Austria (GSA), Paul PR Rameder (WU Vienna), Katharina Resch (University of Vienna); Claudia Fahrenwald (PH OÖ), Peter Slepcevic-Zach (University of Graz), Mariella Knapp (University of Vienna), Magdalena Fellner (Danube University Krems), Holger Backhaus-Maul (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), Karl-Heinz Gerholz (University of Bamberg)

S3.1.3 – Facilitating strategies for the institutionalization of community service learning within different types of education institutions. Geertje Tijsma (Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam), Robert Bringle (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), Marjolein Zweekhorst (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam); Eduardo Urias (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)