Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

Universita degli studi di Roma La Sapienza is the largest university in Europe and the second in the world for number of students and the wide academic offer that includes over 250 degree programmes and about 80 PhD programmes. Sapienza plans and carries out important scientific investigations in almost all disciplines, achieving high-standard results both on a national and on an international level, thanks to the work of its 11 faculties, 63 departments and several centres devoted to scientific research.

Area Supporto alla Ricerca e Trasferimento Tecnologico (ASuRTT) supports Sapienza researchers scouting funding opportunities and exploiting the research results through a constant dialogue with territories, public administrations, enterprises and stakeholders at national and international level. ASuRTT copes with the scouting of funding opportunities, the mapping of internal competences, the matching for internal and external competences in competitive partnerships, fostering the dissemination and exploitation of the research results. Moreover, ASuRTT provides technology transfer services, as well as support to entrepreneurship, start-ups and spin-offs. The activities in this field concern, among others, the incubation and the development of research ideas, the pre-commercial exploitation of research results, and the provision of high-level education courses aimed at fostering and enhancing the relations between researchers and business communities, and at developing the entrepreneurship abilities of the young researches both singularly (spin off) and in partnership with industrial groups.

The Department of Social and Economic Sciences was created in 2012 as effect of the merging of the Department of Sociology and the Department of Economics within the Faculty of Sociology and Political Sciences. It consists of about ninety members of professors and researchers of various disciplines in the area of Applied Social Sciences (sociologists, economists, psychologists, anthropologists, lawyers and statisticians). Consequently research and teaching activities of the Department cover a wide spectrum of economic and social studies. The main areas of research focuses on:

  • Sociology of organisations, Labour and Human Resources
  • Institutions and public policy
  • Methods for Applied Social Sciences
  • Economic Theory
  • International Relations and Economics

The Department publishes in the form of monographs, collective works, manuals, and articles. It edits a series of international working papers, “WP DISS”. It has three Doctoral programmes in Sociology (Sociology and Applied Social Sciences), Economics (Economics and International Finance) and Statistics (Economic Statistics) and Economics and various Master programmes. In recent years the Department has also promoted various Research teams (Laboratori) aimed at the advanced training of young researchers in cooperation with national and foreign research institutes:

  • Prosa (Social sciences and Education)
  • Ri.S.O.R.Sa (Health organisations)
  • Semper (Social Policy, Labour Market and Welfare State)
  • Sicurezza&Partecipazione (Social conflicts)
  • MERSAV (Methods for Applied Social Sciences)
  • QUAL.IST. (Studies on Institutions)