PechaKucha Presentations S5.1

S5.1.1Assessing the quality of partnerships between the academy and the community in Service-Learning experiences. Rosa María Rodríguez Izquierdo (University Pablo de Olavide)

S5.1.2Weathering the Pandemic Storm: Service-Learning and Student Mental Health. Sandra Smeltzer (Western University), Vanessa Sperduti (Western University)

S5.1.3 – Service learning in Occupational Therapy curriculum development. Intervention in Addictions. Sara  Pérez Martínez (Complutense University of Madrid), José Luis Muñoz Madrigal (Complutense University of Madrid), Gabriel  Rubio Valladolid (Complutense University of Madrid), Alberto A. Fernandez Lucas (Complutense University of Madrid), Ramón  Llavero Sánchez ((2) Center for Comprehensive Care of Drug Addicts (CAID). )

S5.1.4 – GloCal Service Learning – Contextualized education critical approach in the construction of university-community engagement and global citizenship. Nicola Andrian (PPGESA UNEB)

S5.1.5 – The Use of ICT in Broadening Horizons in Service-Learning in Higher Education. Guiomar Nocito ( Villanueva University)

S5.1.6 – Ethics and methods in co-creation: the case of Community Service Learning. Anne Rotteveel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

S5.1.7 – Formative contributions of University Service-Learning in Physical Activity and Sport during COVID19 pandemic. María Luisa MSP Santos-Pastor (UAM), L. Fernando Martínez-Muñoz (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Oscar Chiva-Bartoll (Universidad Jaume I. Castellón), Pedro Jesús Ruiz-Montero (University of Granada)

S5.1.8 – Some Proposals for the Institutionalization of Service Learning In the University. Miyriam C. González-Rabanal (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED))

S5.1.9 – The Well Being of Future Generation Act (2015) Wales in Action Flintshire and Wrexham Joint Public Services Board: working together for community recovery enabled by Wrexham Glyndŵr University (WGU) co-created civic mission. Nina Ruddle (Wrexham Glyndwr University)