Project Activities

Service Learning. A Workbook for Higher Education

The workbook’s structure is twofold: The first part focuses on Service Learning as a pedagogy and picks up foundations of Service Learning. The second part is more action-driven and provides guidance on key questions, action plans and examples for designing and conducting a Service Learning course on your own. This workbook is only available as an electronic source accessible here.

Learning Methodology Toolkit – Comparing Practical Teaching Methods in Higher Education

This methodology toolkit provides an evidence-based insight into service learning and seven practical teaching approaches: 1) community-based research, 2) project-based learning, 3) (participatory) action research, 4) internships, 5) volunteering, 6) action-reflection methodologies and 7) social entrepreneurship. The toolkit adopted a comparative approach with the main aim of mapping the strengths and weaknesses of the seven practical teaching approaches analysed compared with service-learning. Download ES Service Learning Methodology Toolkit in EN DE PT IT LT

Winter School – Teachers‘ Training Week on Service Learning and Student Engagement

From 17th to 21st of February 2020 the Winter School – Teachers‘ Training Week on Service Learning and Student Engagement took place at the University of Vienna (Centre for Teacher Education). The Winter School offered an intensive training in the field of Service Learning and other methodologies to embrace student engagement at university level (30 hours). Considering that Service Learning is becoming more and more popular, the Winter School intended to discuss how university teachers plan, coordinate and implement Service Learning. The main target groups were teachers in Higher Education institutions who already work with the Service Learning Approach and other project-based methodologies or who plan to work with it. Participants of the Winter School came from Lithuania, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, and Austria. The Winter School provided lectures from European experts, interactive exercises, the opportunity for an international exchange of knowledge with other educators and the presentation of a workbook of how to do Service Learning.