IO3: Workbook “How to do service learning”

he Workbook “How to do service learning” is conceived as a practical workbook for teachers that will include a collection of useful pedagogical approaches and step by step instructions for introducing service learning in class. It will consists in the following activities:

  • development  of the workbook;
  • updating and final publishing

IO3 facilitates competence development among HE teachers. Since the guide will be applicable for a diversity of subject matters and for courses on different levels, it will be easily used by HEIs across Europe. Its usability is further enhanced by a very practical approach, incorporating action plans and practical activities that are ready to use by readers.

O3/A1: Development of the workbook (M14-M18)
The  Guide  can  be  used  as  part  of  a  comprehensive  training  activity,  as  a  working  tool  for  a university teachers,  as  a  reference  for  inter-University  training workshop – as  in  fact  it  will  be  used  in  C1 – or  as  a  self-study  awareness  and  training  instrument  for beginners in the service learning pedagogy.

The didactic method of service learning will be referred to using IO2 – Methodological toolkit and explained in a comprehensive way. This first part of the workbook will include pedagogical resources and tools.

The IO leader will propose an initial structure for the pedagogical workbook based on previous IOs and continuing work with teachers. The structure will include important headings, like

  • managing classroom processes;
  • identify the critical/important/desirable learning outcomes that could be addressed by learning service projects;
  • integrating service learning into my didactic approach;
  • establishing a culture of learning in class;
  • maintaining records of service learning projects;
  • how to identify potential community partners;;
  • setting up external cooperation outside the university;
  • helping students to communicate professionally with local community partners
  • supporting the development of professional skills with students etc.

In the second part of the workbook, teachers will have the possibility to plan service learning activities and design corresponding action plans using a step by step training strategy – the reader is guided through a series of activities that will support him/her in planning and implementing a service learning project within a given topic.

The workbook will be used during the teacher training event C1. During these trainings participants will be asked to present in the end of the training a draft service learning project they intend to further develop and include within the topic they teach.

O3/A2: Updating and final publishing (M19-M34)
During this activity, experts and teachers will review and propose improvements within focus groups that will be organized in each partner university involving minimum 50 persons in total. Following the feedback received from the working groups as well as from the participants of the short-term joint staff training events C1, the workbook will be updated and will be published online.