Wolfgang Stark

Wolfgang Stark , Dr. phil., Professor em. for Organizational and Community Psychology is founder and former director of the Organizational Development Laboratory (www.orglab.org) and Center for Societal Learning and Social Responsibility (www.uniaktiv.org), both based at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. Since 2010, Wolfgang Stark is director and CEO of Steinbeis Center für Innovation and Sustainable Leadership  (https://www.steinbeis.de/en.html).
Since 2015 he serves as a guest researcher at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship  (https://www.sce.de/en/home.html) in Munich (Germany).
Wolfgang Stark has been founding member and former president of the European Community Psychology Association (ECPA). He has been founder and president of the German Service Learning Network (University Network on Social Responsibility – ) and cofounder of the European Association for Service Learning in Higher Education (https://www.eoslhe.eu/easlhe/). In 2021/2022 he is be ‘Visting Fellow for Community Service Learning’ at Free University in Amsterdam/Netherlands (https://www.vu.nl/en/).
His work has received various awards – among others the ‘Jimmy and Rosallyn Carter-Campus Community Partnership Award 2007’. The Center for Societal Learning and Social Responsibility has been awarded as a ‘Location of the Future’ in 2014.
Due to the pandemic, he – together with community psychology colleagues from Europe and the USA – started the ‘New Bank for Community Ideas and Solutions’ http://www.ecpaonline.com/new-bank/ which resulted in a number of spin-offs with webinars and pattern workshops.